Monday, 2 January 2012

Live the best version of your life with PASSION!

Salam ukhuwwah! 

Life isn't a is a process, it is a staged process, phase by phase. A process of making man becomes human through thicks and thins, ups and down, back n forth! All we need to do is to pass it through! Otherwise, if we failed!, like it or not, the same process keeps on repeating in our life, with different storyline but same cycle! 

As you passed through, another process at another phase or stage prevails! Different impact at a time! Again, all you need to is to preservere! Pass it through! At some stages, you begin to show your potential, your capability, and you become another, you begin to realize who you are! Realizing what purposes of you! You discovered inner self values, strength, potentials.....You embrace new perspectives of life! If these do not occur, it indicates that you need to be relearned....and according to Allah the cycle is backforth.....believe me, you will go down to the starting point of your life process! This is Allah's will! As HE wants you to learn...therefore, equip yourself with 'ilm' or knowledge, as it helps you to recognize even faster your true potentials and help you in your endeavour of your self realization! 

Having endured this processes stage by stage....with IMAN and IHSAN, one will realize his he becomes 'pasrah and redha'....this is true passion! By this, one will lead his life with how our beloved Prophet Muhammad, endure hardship from chilhood and later created the greatest passion of life which is everlasting! His love for his UMMAH was towards the end of his life more than his own life! Bedridden...he said Ummati! Ummati! Ummati!....this I call love and passion! Be one! You will become great too in your endeavours! Ameen...insyaallah! 
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